New technologies must always be applied to recipes first

It always baffles me why the first place that people often try to apply new technologies is to the Kitchen, specifically recipes.  This practice reminds of starting with Hello World for programming and Lorem Ipsum Dolar for design.  Basically that says “we have some cool tools but we really don’t yet know what to do with them.” The next logical step is somehow making this tool apply to recipes right? Then you have a tool and a purpose.

The article that got me thinking about this topic is the Dropbox for iPhone Makes a Great Kitchen Aid article. I am a Dropbox user and it is quite nice for syncing files between my various machines especially project files that I might need at any time but recipes on my iPhone? Other tools handle that quite nicely already.

The other item that got me thinking about this was the Honeywell 316 “minicomputer” built in 1969 and marketed towards housewives.  A kitchen computer in 1969 now that was really cutting edge, but that housewife would also need to be quite cutting edge and know how to program the recipes in a binary format (came with a two week training course!).

There are other examples of this same practice, such as the Internet refrigerator and other networked appliances.  Is technology just trying to reach that cooking nirvana? The one where I don’t have to think about cooking and I have delicious automagically created food and served to me by a robot?

Maybe that is the key here…geeks like me love to eat, have programming skills, and rather than work on our cooking skills we’d rather try to program our way towards dinner.


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