Preview of Dita4Hudson plugin for the Hudson continuous integration server

I am progressing a bit further on my plugin that will allow for easier DITA builds within the Hudson continuous integration server.  Hudson is a quite handy build management system that offers you a lot of additional value on top of your existing builds and processes.

You can use your existing DITA-OT Ant scripts to build your output within Hudson. Many Dita users are not Ant experts and often Ant is one of the limiting factors in Dita adoption by smaller teams. I hope this plugin will help further promote DITA and provide another simple tool for Dita builds.

All feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Global properties configuration

Defining your DITA Open Toolkit installations. You can define multiple installations if it is ever necessary to use a back level version or for testing new versions prior to moving to production.

Adding a Dita build to a job

Jobs can include many steps and multiple builds. If you are building an Eclipse feature you might include your code build, context sensitive help build, and DITA transform to help topics within the same job.

11 thoughts on “Preview of Dita4Hudson plugin for the Hudson continuous integration server

  1. This is on hold for a bit while another work related project takes a lot of my time. If someone wanted to take over the code, let me know.

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  3. Hello Brett,

    can you please publish the source-code / the plugin on sourceforge again?

    Thanks in advance,

  4. You’ll need to extract the source code from the SourceForge SVN project, see the project development page for instructions on how to extract. If you’d like to contribute to the project, click the request to join link on the right side of the page.

  5. I’m looking to use this plugin also, and see no content in the src folder. Has anyone had luck with this and is open to providing some configuration support? Im new to jenkins and am having issues getting ant to run my DITA builds.


  6. I have no idea if this plugin is even useful after the vast changes that have occurred since the Hudson/Jenkins split a couple years ago.

    You can definitely run ANT builds directly in Jenkins, if you’re having issues, they are likely PATH or similar problems. The Java environment in Jenkins is not necessarily the same as it is for you on the command line. Check out the configuration options. You might try posting your issue to Stackoverflow for help (

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