International Business Machines

Information Development Infrastructure Lead, Integrated Data Management Portfolio, May 2008–Present

  • Team Lead for a cross-functional team of developers, writers, and technical sales persons to create a common sample database for the Integrated Data Management portfolio as well as across IBM’s Software Group.  The database extends the Cognos Great Outdoors sample database and improves the quality of the data and usage scenarios.
  • Developed and implemented continuous integration DITA builds for information development teams.
  • Developed new DITA embedded assistance specialization as part of a larger team, created sample files and documentation.
  • Led the development of a dynamic information dashboard for Eclipse help systems based on native DITA and the embedded assistance specialization.

Information Developer,  Replication and Event Publishing products, June 2005–May 2008

  • Authored technical information for multiple replication and event publishing products for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and z/OS systems.
  • Created a dynamic setup script generating tool for improving the ease of use of configuring WebSphere MQ, which was a major customer pain point. The tool incorporates a flowchart like visual aid to help a user visualize the configuration. US Patent pending, application #20070162891, Chinese patent issued #ZL200710001513.4
  • Implemented a single-sourcing strategy for producing different sets of product documentation for multiple releases and for multiple outputs from a single set of source files without needing to branch releases by using DITA meta data.  Reduces overhead significantly and allows for simultaneous maintenance of many versions of the documentation.
  • Created an AJAX application for our DITA build system to allow for non-infrastructure people to modify and add to build projects.

The Light Brigade

Web Developer and Technology Coordinator, June 2000–June 2005

  • Designed, developed, and maintained a 100+ page website, which was based on Active Server Pages and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Edited content that was received from marketing and sales prior to publishing.
  • Implemented search engine optimization techniques and instituted Google Adwords campaigns, which led to an increase of $200k in sales.


Bachelor of Science, Technical Communication
Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering,  College of Engineering, University of Washington, March 2005

Technical skills

Languages: DITA, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, ANT, Flex, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP,  SQL
Applications: DB2, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, CVS, ClearQuest, Eclipse, Arbortext Editor, RoboHelp
Systems: Windows, Redhat, Ubuntu,  basic z/OS

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