Preview of Dita4Hudson plugin for the Hudson continuous integration server

I am progressing a bit further on my plugin that will allow for easier DITA builds within the Hudson continuous integration server.  Hudson is a quite handy build management system that offers you a lot of additional value on top of your existing builds and processes.

You can use your existing DITA-OT Ant scripts to build your output within Hudson. Many Dita users are not Ant experts and often Ant is one of the limiting factors in Dita adoption by smaller teams. I hope this plugin will help further promote DITA and provide another simple tool for Dita builds.

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Creating dynamic documentation plugins for the Eclipse Help System using Java

Eclipse documentation plug-ins can contain Java for creating dynamic content. You can extend the Eclipse help system by taking advantage of the extension point. The examples in this article demonstrate how to create a simple template that is parsed at run time to display dynamic text.

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